N3XTGEN has been created to help kids navigate life with good biblical values as their guide.

We have three groups under N3XTGEN 

TreeHouse: Ages 15 months - Prep

TreeHouse gets together on Sunday morning whilst our Main Service is running. This group is very play based with creative hands-on learning as a focal point. 

For parents of younger children, a parents' room is available for parents with children under 15 months old where they can still enjoy the service.

We have dedications on special dates throughout the year, you can register to have your child dedicated at our church by completing this form.

ClubHouse: Grade 1 - Grade 6

ClubHouse meets on a Sunday morning whilst our Main Service is running. ClubHouse is full of energy and excitement as we look at the Bible in a real practical age-appropriate way.

TheLoft: High Schoolers

TheLoft meets every other Friday night from 6:30 at our Church Campus. TheLoft is designed for high schoolers to belong, grow in God and have fun.